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A home watch service is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” Offered to people who own multiple homes, a home watch service is essential in areas that have a large percentage of part-time residents like Hawaii, where there is a heavy seasonal and tourist population.

It was initially considered assistance by “neighbors doing favors.” These were the individuals who lived in a community year-round and would offer a helping hand to their snowbird friends.


While neighbors who live full time near your rental property can be valuable in many cases, ensuring the long term safety of one of your most valuable assets is not recommended. Despite best efforts and intentions, many neighbors just simply don’t know what to check—or how to correct it—to ensure minor problems are taken care of before disaster strikes. Further, despite their desire to help, your neighbors are usually compromised when it comes to the amount of time they can dedicate to each visit of your home. Remember, they are also living their Hawaiian Dream—which means their leisure and vacation time will rightfully be dedicated to their pursuits.

This leaves your home at risk and creates an inconvenient situation when you must rely only on neighbors to help coordinate repairs and maintenance. Finally, it’s highly unlikely that a neighbor who is doing you a favor has adequate insurance to cover themselves if they slip, fall or otherwise injure themselves while on your property; this leaves you at significant risk for liability.

Seasonal homeowners are encouraged to vet a business before handing over the keys to their investment property; this way, they know who has the keys to their home. This brings peace of mind when it comes to finding a home watch service in Hawaii that is the “real deal;” you’ll always know what to expect—and how your home watch provider will deal with the unexpected.


A leaky water supply line that drips one drip every two seconds can go unnoticed for quite some time by an untrained observer. However, that small drip adds up to 2 gallons of water every single day—enough to cause significant damage to a home.


A Home Watch Professional who is the real deal will conduct a systematic, comprehensive visit of your home looking for any irregularities. They are trained to identify potential or emerging issues before they become emergencies, and regularly keep up to date with the latest trends to protect homes and enhance service offerings to customers.

An accredited and insured home watch organization doesn’t just employ home watch experts; they use Home Watch Reporters. These investigative professionals stick to the facts and work to unearth the root of potential issues, so you have all the info you need to make a decision when problems arise. A Home Watch Reporter will have the resources to help remedy any situation.

Get the Ultimate Home Watch Interview Guide so You Can Get the Right Provider

This guide includes everything you need to know about hiring a home watch company and what you should look out for.

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What Makes Hawaiian Dream Home Watch the Best Home Watch Service on the Big Island?

Our professional Home Watch Reporters are part of a team that has dedicated their existence to helping people find—and protect—their Hawaiian Dream. As part of the leading property management company on the Big Island we are already experts in helping seasonal homeowners and investors care for their properties.

We have professional relationships with a multitude of home contractors that are experts in their field so that you receive the very best repairs and maintenance at the best possible price. Hawaiian Dream Home Watch is an accredited member of the International Home Watch Alliance, and we are the only home watch company in Hawaii that holds that distinction. Hawaiian Dream Home Watch is licensed, bonded, and insured, and we use our exclusive Water Zone Home Watch Method to ensure conditions in your home are optimal.

The Water Zone Home Watch Method understands that each home is a series of individual water zones; the kitchen, laundry room, summer kitchen, outdoor plumbing, windows, and skylights are all examples of such zones.

Each water zone holds the potential for significant damage in a short period. Our home watch reports use a specific checklist to prevent damage by rectifying minor issues and ensure the stage is set to avoid potential problems; for example, our reporters might remove stoppers from sink basins so water can flow down the drain in the case of a leak.

We are different in the home watch profession because our heart, soul, and entire enterprise are run by locals who love the Big Island—and all the potential that your property has to offer.

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